ActiveJ - platforma pentru web modern si microservicii

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What is ActiveJ?

ActiveJ is an alternative Java platform built from the ground up as a replacement of Spring, Spark, Quarkus, Micronauts, and other solutions. It is minimalistic, boilerplate-free, and incomparably faster , which is proven by benchmarks.
ActiveJ has minimum third-party dependencies, yet features a full stack of technologies with an efficient async programming model and powerful DI library ActiveInject.

ActiveJ consists of several loosely coupled components that complement and empower each other: async core (Promise, Eventloop), efficient I/O processing (CSP, Datastream), high-performance Jetty and Netty alternatives that can be used independently of ActiveJ (HTTP, Net), and handy boot utilities (Launcher, Service Graph, etc).

Ca stil de programare vad ca se prefera programarea functionala.
Repo-ul oficial:

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