Ask DF: What motivates you in life?


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Taking care of my dependents, which makes me feel capable and fulfilled.

q: Why should I declare my motivations publicly?
a: Because we wouldn’t know if you were lying anyways

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Abia acum realizez cat de transanta e intrebarea:

In the context of work: the act of “creation” i.e. abstracting some reality into tiny encoded parts that elegantly fit together to perform something useful.

In the context of life: it does derive itself from work i.e. I need work - other than that I don’t believe in perfect balance, there’s no such thing in life.

I’m usually trying to be an active nihilist i.e. less a passive one as much as I can. So I guess something in the realm of a “quest” of knowledge - the known unknowns and the yummy unknown unknowns.