Ask HN: How should a programming language accommodate disabled programmers ?

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Reiese ca Lisp este limbajul care se adapteaza cel mai bine.

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Reiese asta din primul comentariu.

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Well it seems that OP needn’t bother as this problem is already solved. You wrote (loop (print (eval (read)))). How does that go with a screen reader? Like:

Bracket loop bracket print bracket eval bracket read bracket bracket bracket bracket?

And more crucially what about the difference between these two:

  (let ((x (f))) (g x) (g x))
  (let ((x (f)) (g x)) (g x))

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Agreed !

Oricum limbajul ar trebui sa aiba sintaxa cat mai simpla. Python are o sintaxa relativ simpla.
Si tooling-ul influenteaza.