Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin graph database


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Scenarios for graph support of Azure Cosmos DB

Here are some scenarios where graph support of Azure Cosmos DB can be used:

Social networks

By combining data about your customers and their interactions with other people, you can develop personalized experiences, predict customer behavior, or connect people with others with similar interests. Azure Cosmos DB can be used to manage social networks and track customer preferences and data.

Recommendation engines

This scenario is commonly used in the retail industry. By combining information about products, users, and user interactions, like purchasing, browsing, or rating an item, you can build customized recommendations. The low latency, elastic scale, and native graph support of Azure Cosmos DB is ideal for modeling these interactions.


Many applications in telecommunications, logistics, and travel planning need to find a location of interest within an area or locate the shortest/optimal route between two locations. Azure Cosmos DB is a natural fit for these problems.

Internet of Things

With the network and connections between IoT devices modeled as a graph, you can build a better understanding of the state of your devices and assets and learn how changes in one part of the network can potentially affect another part.

Tutorial cum sa il folosesti in .NET:

Tutorial query graph: