Brexit and how it will affect developers (english topic)

Because of the Brexit, fewer Romanians and Eastern Europeans will consider working in the UK. On the long run, one thing is to pay taxes in one state (UE) and another to pay them in two. And for many other reasons. Either you will be targeting the great talent India, either you open more towards remote work.

Good luck!

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From what I heard Brexit will mean nothing for skilled people. So doctors, engineers, plumbers, electricians, software developers, car mechanics and everyone who can prove their education/has a degree will have no problem going and working in the UK.

We pollute the man’s topic, but the subject is worth discussing.

You work 15 years in Romania, 5 in France, 5 in UK, 10 in Germany. At 25, the subject of retirement seems like crap, but at one point it becomes a priority. What are you doing? How are the years worked in the UK be taken into account in a no-deal Brexit?

I studied and worked a bit in Germany before entering the EU. I had no problems with the visa, but it was not very simple either. When you’ll get back to that situation, you’ll realize that “no problem” means “problems”.

When you have the same opportunities in so many European states, I say that it is foolish to go to work in a country where 1 out of 2 locals are staring at you. Or, at least, wait until November.

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For retirement we invest into apartments that we rent as well as other investing opportunities.

Relying on state pension is utter madness no matter if you are a Japanese citizen or Azerbaijany. Except Norway or Sweden, those guys have it all figured out.