C# scripting in Excel

Being a modern language with access to a rich ecosystem of libraries, C# can be immensely helpful both for automation and data processing in Excel. The goal of QueryStorm in this regard is to make C# easily available in Excel in order to help developers, db professionals and data scientists make better use of Excel. The C# scripting engine in QueryStorm is powered by the Roslyn compiler.
In this article, I’m going to introduce QueryStorm’s C# scripting capabilities and give you some examples of how to use it.

LINQ sa procesezi datele din excel, fain.


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Foarte interesant !
Excel are in spate un fel de Visual BASIC

Imi place ideea ca poti folosi linq !

Excel e o solutie foarte scumpa si nu prea portabila.

Pivot table-urile se pot realiza fara excel si cu librarii JS, .NET, C++, Java…

Gen poti conecta api-uri la campuri din tabel.

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