Frontend Engineer (Javascript + Vue.js)


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We have an opening in Malaga, Spain!

Opinov8 is a technology service provider, with an Opinion on Innovation, we engage with our clients at any stage in their product engineering and innovation goals, with solutions being mainly collaborative and outcome driven. We are driven by delivering value, for our clients, through technological innovation.

Following our rapid growth, we are looking for a Frontend Engineer (Javascript + Vue.js) to join our team.

Your Role?

As a developer, you’ll participate in the full life-cycle of our tech platform. This means that you’ll be expected to:

  • Assess wireframes and mockups for technical feasibility, coherency and user-desirability
  • Architect, develop and maintain enterprise web-software
  • Contribute to quality assurance by cultivating continuous-integration principles
  • Coordinate with fellow-engineers its integration with the backend

Your Skills:

  • Fluent in English (level B2 or higher)
  • Solid exposure and understanding of Vue.js, Vuex and Vue router
  • Solid understanding of reactivity principles
  • Solid understanding of responsive design and solutions
  • Solid understanding of object-orientation concepts & abstractions with JavaScript
  • Solid understanding of CSS preprocessors, i.e. SASS
  • Prior exposure of working in a Gitflow manner

Nice to have:

  • Experience in modern front-end build pipelines and tools (i.e. NPM, Webpack)
  • Experience in quality assurance principles (e.g. linting, unit testing, end-to-end testing, non-functional requirements assurance) and the use of continuous integration concepts (test automation)
  • Prior exposure to web-security principles
  • Prior exposure to authentication principles
  • Prior exposure of building services and working with APIs (through e.g. REST, GraphQL, RPC,…)

Let me know if you are interested. My email is

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