Full Stack Web Developer

This is a full time position and we are looking for someone to start immediately. The right candidate should be looking to contribute at a company that is fast-paced and growing fiercely. You should possess excellent development skills as well as strong technical documentation skills and have a pretty good sense of humor and pleasant personality. :wink:


In addition to the requirements mentioned above, the candidate will need to meet the following criteria (required unless noted otherwise):

Familiarity with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles
Familiarity with Functional Programming principles
Strong knowledge in modern JavaScript
JavaScript-relevant design patterns knowledge, e.g. immutability, composition, command vs. query, events, asynchrony
Familiarity with Angular.js or jQuery
Experience with build tools such as Gulp or Grunt.
Experience with a JavaScript test framework such as Jasmine or Mocha.
Familiarity with modern JavaScript module separation, e.g. CommonJS, AMD, or ECMAScript 6 modules
Experience with CSS3, Sass/SCSS
Experience with NoSQL data stores, ideally MongoDB
Familiarity with Node.js
Familiarity with ECMAScript 5 (today’s JavaScript)
Familiarity with HTML5
Experience with working with HTTP-based remote web services
Familiarity with RESTful principles
Familiarity with JSON
Minimum two (2) years experience with front-end web development
Teamwork and communication skills
Multitasking capabilities
Solid understanding of current web standards and upcoming technologies
The passion to build good software

Familiarity with Apache Cordova or Adobe PhoneGap
Experience with Test-Driven Development
Experience with MongoDB and Node.js APIs to access it (e.g. easymongo, mongoose)
Familiarity with ASP.NET MVC
Experience with Connect.js, Express.js, or Koa.js
Familiarity with ECMAScript 6 (tomorrow’s JavaScript)
Familiarity with Responsive, Mobile-first design
Familiarity with Cucumber

Wirestorm specializes in delivering intelligent software solutions. We offer a holistic approach to software development to ensure our solutions address real-world problems while reflecting your users and core business. We work to quickly deliver comprehensive solutions, web development, Business Intelligence, and mobile applications. Shortly after it was founded in Seattle, WA in 2008, Wirestorm expanded its operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Today, Wirestorm provides services across nine industries for clients such as T-Mobile, OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Swedish, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Schneider Electric. Our team of engineers are experts at leveraging cutting edge technology to do the heavy lifting and keep you focused on sustaining business growth. We believe users deserve intuitive technology to help them progress, and developing software solutions with them in mind is the key to moving your business forward.

So, if you are a Senior Full Stack Developer with experience, please apply today! We are a group of dedicated and fun individuals and would love to have you on our team!

Cu mentiunea ca daca stii javascript foarte bine si doar node.js SAU angular.js vino sa stam de vorba.
Pentru a trimite CV sau a pune intrebari, ma puteti gasi la [email protected]