Fullstack freelancer with Laravel/Octobercms

Intreb pentru un colaborator francez. Citez asa cum mi-a zis:
“fullstack freelancer for developping some features for a community website based on octobercms that is still in dev. but should be live soon and the big opening is in september. The next task will be to implement 2 select (select2 jquery plugin based) inputs which will cal an API to retrieve a category and a list of item based on the selected category. this feature should be a plugin for octobercms.”

Daca e cineva interesat astept un mesaj pe [email protected] .

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Bună ziua, eu sunt colaboratorul francez, aș dori să adaug că, pentru a lucra împreună, am nevoie de tine sa poti produce facturi legale. Apropo, eu, din nefericire, nu vorbesc româna, numai engleza si frensh.
Puteți să mă contactați direct la adresa [email protected]

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Hi Guys,

Please find bellow some more informations on the task todo.



Quotation request for the development of an octobercms plugin calling an API to display 2 select fields (based on select2)

Origin of the project

The project I worked on is a non profit association in France which looks to help civil people to understand french laws by making videos to answers their questions.

This project was initiated on sonata-project, symfony based cms last year.

Actual Situation

Today we are migrating this website to octobercms, due to some historical issues, we cannot get all the features from sonata-project version but we do need to reimplement certain features.

We have a video page which will have an edit mode.

For now this page does not provide any dynamic information about which law are involved in this video

Expected task

The first task I d like you to quote is to generate an octobercms plugin that will provide 2 cascading select as shown below


The plugin will call an api and retrive the list of Code de loi that will be populate to the first field, the other one will be disabled.


Once the code selected, the plugin will call the api again providing the code id and the api will return the list of articles available for that code and populate it to the Numero field whcih become enabled.


Once 1 article is selected, the user will be able to submit the form in which this plugin is applied.

you don t have to connect this plugin to the article page data, I ll handle it for now

The api is planned to be develop this month, meanwhile we will use dummy datas. I ll ask the developper who handle the API to provide you the correct api structure response.

In order to work, this plugin should accept :

  • the main endpoint for the api

  • a license variable

Additional informations

Do not hesitate to ask me questions.

For the quotation, I always ask for a project base price, described with ETA (Expected Time Allocated) in number of hours, your hourly rate and the EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery).

You will need to be legally allowed to make invoices as per my accountant requirements.

In case we agree on the quotation, I usualy suggest to do a 30% deposit and remaining on delivery acceptance.

Let me know your thoughts on that and we can do a skype to kick off everything if required.

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