Hello , I am looking for a Testing Analyst

(Ana Mihaela) #1


I am looking for a Testing Analyst!
*working with databases (SQL, Oracle)
*web services Agile/Waterfall methodologies
*minimal knowledge of structural programming/knowledge of the business system
*english /medium level

2.Relevant experience:
*previous testing experience
*being able to create and execute testing scenarios
*know how regarding A testing process based on the waterfall and agile principles
*you should be customer oriented, take initiative and be inclined towards professional development
Its a plus if you have a certificate or if you participated in the following disciplines recognized in this domain :ISTQB

If you are interested in this opportunity send me a pm. For more details

Have a nice day!!! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

(James ) #2

interested connect will share the CV asap

Also PM for details

(Deep Vyas) #3

Hello Ana,

Are you interested in remote professional ?
Please let me know, so I can share my profile

Best Regards

(Ana Mihaela) #4

Hello , the position requires knowing Romanian language and the location is in Bucharest it is not remote

(Ionuț Staicu) #5

Deci ai un job în România, care necesită limba română și îl pui pe un forum românesc în limba… engleză?

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