How much could be the cost of a Freelancer from Romania ?



I’ve been reading almost all posts during several days but I see no real job around this chat and I would ask davask if he has something real to offer and see if tlhe gets any freelancer. It’a free market, if there is a business to be done, let’s hear a firm proposal, otherwise it looks like waste of time

(Davask) #142

You might want to read my first paragraph on my first post.
This is not a job offer, this is a discussion I have with my partners about rate of freelancers in romania to adjust the rate I pay to reality and after this discussion they doesn t seems to complain and they know they can t talk to me otherwise.
When I have a project offer, I submit one.

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Those are full-time employee rates, not freelancer ones.

Please keep in mind a couple of things:

  • a freelancer has periods when they don’t work (so-called “between projects”); in this time they may be sick, they might learn a new technology, go to a developer conference, etc, but don’t get paid
  • an employee’s skillset might be less diverse than that of a freelancer (they may only do backend and get away with it), while typically freelancers deliver a full product (frontend, backend, devops, maintenance, optimisation, etc)

Actually a lot of people (including @iamntz) wrote extensively about the topic, but the conclusion is that it’s not fair to compare a full time employee’s hourly rates with the freelancer ones.


I agree with you 100%. The reason I gave the salaried equivalent hourly rates is that I find the rates memtioned in earlier messages to be suspiciously low and probably not realistic at all.

I think a freelancer with enough demonstrable experience to qualify as a senior to architect will command a rate of 40 to 60 eur / hour, possibly more. That, for clients who do know that quality, predictability and speed of execution come at a price.

(Adrian) #145

The downsize is that it becomes a good salary in western countries and it’s not worth so much to get workforce from far away:

(Georgiana Gligor) #146

Depends on whether the company is able to find a good architect or not. My new employer has at least 3 different types of architects, and they cannot rotate between the different project types. So it makes sense to work with people from the outside on a per-need basis.

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I would be very interested to read this extensive topics
please copy/paste links I ll google translate and in case of misunderstanding I could ask the post owner.
When I says I m looking to find out the Fair rates I mean it but as said I need data.
Articles are interesting too.
My goal is to defend freelancers style of life not abuse it and in the same time as a business owner I don t want to be abuse.

(Davask) #148

this rate are same as basic rate in france for same profile, keep in mind depending on the country you live in cost of life is not the same. How do you explain to a US business owner that you cost the same as a US freelancer for the same profile while the cost of life in your country is different ?

(Adrian) #149

Some things are cheaper in US than in Romania. Electronics, food, gas, just as examples.

(Davask) #150

Not sure what you are saying but I like your tool.
based on that tool your are pushing me to believe more the rate calculation are correct as per example going top USD40/hour would represents the salary of a director in brand like Apple or maybe less famous but still recongnisable by us

(Kilo Grammer) #151

You have a point here. I have a friend who is a full stack web developer, he works for a US business owner and he bought 3 villages in north west of Brasov. He is planning to go into real estate business and buy few more little towns near Constanta.

(Kilo Grammer) #152

That’s what I heard too. A director at Apple has around $6500 per month, no? Amazing! He can buy a Dacia!

(Davask) #153

not IT rates

(Davask) #154

you seems to do a lot of jokes ! check your numbers

(Kilo Grammer) #155

Sorry, I don’t understand you. I’m not joking. What numbers are you referring to?

(Davask) #156

what are you trying to say their ?

(Kilo Grammer) #157

You said a director at Apple has 40$ per hour, which is what I heard too. So 40$ * 160 hours means around 6400$, no?

(Davask) #158

whst about your dacia comment ?

(Kilo Grammer) #159

What about it? A Dacia is around 6400$, no?

(Davask) #160

reaching this kind of position, numbers of hours doesn t count anymore, you are paid to fulfill mission whatever the time, if you are extremely smart then 160h might be too much and reverse