How much could be the cost of a Freelancer from Romania ?


(Kilo Grammer) #157

You said a director at Apple has 40$ per hour, which is what I heard too. So 40$ * 160 hours means around 6400$, no?

(Davask) #158

whst about your dacia comment ?

(Kilo Grammer) #159

What about it? A Dacia is around 6400$, no?

(Davask) #160

reaching this kind of position, numbers of hours doesn t count anymore, you are paid to fulfill mission whatever the time, if you are extremely smart then 160h might be too much and reverse

(Davask) #161

i did not know, I thought it was more expensive

(Kilo Grammer) #162

You are right and what you say makes sense to me.

What is the best advice you have for someone who wants to apply to work for you? Work hard?

Any tips to make it successful? You have a lot of experience and I am eager to hear your advice

(Davask) #163

nothing special, @kilogrammer, pm me with a bit about your profile, we can keep in touch. but for now I really don t have project as I try to provide constant work to my current partners.
In general, for LAMP stack projects, I look for webdesigner, frontend, backend, sysadmin with devops spirit andproject manager with godd french level and communication skills.
But for now, unfortunatly, my business is not big enough to get a new team member.
And I try to keep, first in, first serve. I like to be loyal to my partner.

(Davask) #164

and you will not work for me but with me. this is important

(Kilo Grammer) #165

Thanks. You look like a serious person I’d like to work for. I need to create my resume and I will send you my resume in the following weeks.

(Davask) #166

I don t know for the experience but with me I m really easy going as long as : you work hard, do your best, you are frank and honest and never hide stuff even if it is bad, I m not here to judge or criticize, only adjust project procgress and advise.
then everything is based on attitude: if you have a good will we will always find a way, at least I ll do my best, If you have bad will, I will know it and we will stop to work together.

(Davask) #167

do not bother writing a full resume, make me a bullet point of your skills and some code examples like github account and websites urls maybe a linkedin url and that should be enough.
My process usely involve a first paid project which let me have a taste of how you work and if we both are happy then we keep going, that s it.

(Davask) #168

do not try to upsell yourself, just be you and I ll try to find project which fits you.

(Kilo Grammer) #169

My hourly rate is 35$ per hour. I hope it’s OK.

(Davask) #170

you know my rates calculation, I wrote it here, you know I will not go on that type of rate.

(Davask) #171

30 then 35, maybe I should wait. your rates seems variable


Funny thing is that these are salaries paid by a US company.


You have no idea how much people in US are making. In Sillicon Valley a person making 80k /year is considered to be poor. This is official information published by the state of California.

A Dev Manager would make 200k and a director at least 300k. Translate that into hourly rate and you will see that your statement is not true.


And for IT, salaries are slowly but surely being decoupled from the local cost of living and more correlated to value produced. Thus, the same work could be done by a consultant in US, France or Romania.

(Adrian) #175

I found this: Probably not accurate, since people can enter whatever they want.
You can find wages there over 3000 euros/month, but they seem to be the exception, not the rule. You can even find wages over 4000, but those are… well, probably out of reach for most (what I’ve seen is ‘C++ architect’ which is very different than web developer).


Actually after keeping a close tab on this topic, I,ve found your first post about the discussion between you and your partners regarding
Romanian freelancer’s rates more like an excuse or a smoke screen (sorry I don’t mean ti be rude). But I can understand it, you needed something to introduce yourself and your interest. We are not kids :grinning:. Dont’t get me wrong, I just don’t use to talk / write that much before getting to the point.