Is 10 to 23 eur / hour a correct average IT rate in romania ?


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You are talking of power.
IF I gain power it will be because you guys embrace my believes AND because I work for you to get a better life as freelancers. My so called power i not in my hand it is from all my partner clients & vendors.

We are a whole, we are not separate entities, that s at list what I want to believe in.

I disagree with a lots of things in traditional companies structure where money is the main thing and the rest doesn t count, I believe differently. Money is a very abstract concept that everybody is purchasing for different reason but when you die all your money is useless and will not define if you had a good life.
Happiness is more valuable to me than money but money is still the thing that need to be masterized to gain power in this world. Money is still the key for everything.

In any case, as I disagree with that fact I try to build a business (money oriented) which provide another approach more useful to people and my approach is to build a business that allow anybody who want to participate willingly with good intention to participate with less barriers as today.

Now I m a bit off topic

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This comment was inappropriate, sorry guys.
But I still assume we throw a party to know more each others.

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So freelancing is much better than a stable job with guaranteed payment at the end of the month, and where you don’t have to search through jobs some of these for fintech entrepreneurs wanting to create a clone of PayPal until end of October this year?

You said there’s zero chance but there is a chance if you throw a party. I will not attend any of your parties.

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Agreed. Let’s not waste energy trying to see what are the hourly rates in Romania. Share your happiness, good will with the highly skilled Romanian developer you’ll find and hire him for $35\hr. It’s would still be very very low compared to rates in Western countries and many other places.


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I stand for freelancing/nomad style and in a perfect world, davask will grow big enough to have different entities in the world like one in Europe and one In southwest asia (thailand, vietname, hong kong).

In that case a freelancer from Romania could tell me, I want to go in Hong Kong, and I ll say, ok I have 30h / month available in your field for that rate (rate based upon Hong Kong IT market).
If the freelancer agree, he goes, end of story (except in real life there s passport visa, personal taxes matter and so on).

Today, we are at the very beginning, I m nobody, I just have a vision and that vision is starting with romania (I actualy don t really why Romania first) and I decided to stick to romania as much as I can because if I want to be serious I need to succeed first within one community and tomorrow maybe two or three, maybe all europe and then asia but still this is a vision not a reality (yet)

Short answer the rate is based upon the country you live in, not which nationality you have except that today I work only within EU as I believe it is better to pay our taxes in our beautiful union.

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I did not say fuck, I said “fuck up”, I don t know what you put in “fuck up” personaly it is “drank”.

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Do not agree, and do not reflect Romanian market as I know it today.

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Every disagreement is the path start of a journey which led to an agreement

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this guy is not meant to work with me then but he is welcome anytime if he realize that my approach could serve him or help him.

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Join my agreement my friend :slight_smile:

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To all of you, thanks for participating, I hope one day I can organize an event in Romania so you can all come join me and discuss about the freelance/nomad status in Europe and how to make it more knowledgeable by politics.
I wish you a very good week end and talk to you in 2 or 3 weeks.

Meanwhile think thick think Fair2Win

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I know people that are earning more money as would they earn as employee. Some of them have good reviews on different freelancing platforms and some of them have a good relationship with previous customers. From what I understood from them, are busy all the time and sometime they have to decline new projects.
But they got so far because of the quality of their work.

On the other hand, as a employee you have some benefits(offered by the company and by the government) that you don’t have as a freelancer “by default”. Also you have a sort of a job security, etc.

This topic is going nowhere and it should be ended after RedGuard’s comment.
@davask . I think you spent to much time arguing and trying to change people’s mind on obscure forums(like this one) instead of working towards implementing your vision.

my 2c

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@razvanp you do your way, I do mine, nobody is force to discuss with me but apparently this topic is interesting enough to get 134 post, even you participate.
And do you really think that this forum is so obscure ?
What are you doing here then ?
my 2c

Uplifting a topic is good, the rest is noise, do not make noises

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I agree with you you here. My point was it’s not a rule that freelancing is better.

I think there’s always some interesting little nuggets in every discussion no matter how small talk appears to be.


In the company I work for, a junior makes about 20 eur / hour gross + benefits, as a full time employee. A mid dev makes about 26 eur / hour, a senior about 30 - 31, an architect about 36 - 38 and a dev manager about 44.

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Which company ? or which city ?


@davask you arogant prick. You are the kind of guy that brings the fares down and profit on others work. I realy hope you never find a developer to work with.
You come here asking a question and when the answers dont satisfy you, you start telling people that they are wrong, becouse they are romanians ( that us just racist), and that they should charge less?

Please just leave and never come back. The industry does not need people like you.




I’ve been reading almost all posts during several days but I see no real job around this chat and I would ask davask if he has something real to offer and see if tlhe gets any freelancer. It’a free market, if there is a business to be done, let’s hear a firm proposal, otherwise it looks like waste of time