Javascript developer – alkmaar, the netherlands

(Marius Cimpoeru) #1

Mai multe informatii la adresa de mail:


The company is one of the most rapidly growing tech-companies in The Netherlands and the winner of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Race and recognized by Market Research and Analyst firms. The innovative no-code platform enables to build tailor-made business applications without writing a single line of code in a very short amount of time. Today, they build a variety of different applications for quoted companies, public authorities, banks, insurance companies and SMEs around the world.

Even though, there are 110 people working they do their very best to make everyone feel at home. The communication lines are short and the working atmosphere informal. You will be given a lot of freedom to do your work independently as long as you can do your job properly, providing pursued quality.


As a Javascript-guru, you’re responsible for the interaction of the platform. The current focus of the team, consisting of 4 Javascript developers, 4 Full stack developers and 10 Backend developers, is a drag and drop UI Builder that the customers can use to build UI’s without code. To this end you will be using the newest Javascript techniques and frameworks like React, Redux and ES6. Furthermore, you determine together the division of the work, meaning that your idea’s and experiences will be of a highly value.

  • You have got knowledge on Javascript, HTML and CSS;
  • You’re a developer who always takes the user experience in consideration;
  • You’re a strong communicator, are flexible and are willing to go the extra mile for the best results;
  • An excellent command of the English language, speaking and writing.
  • Excellent possibilities to develop your own ideas and talents;
  • Of course, good primary and secondary terms of employment (MacBook, pension, bonus, training with a personal trainer and 25 vacation days)
  • A group of friends that often goes on team and company outings: themed parties, festivals, friday afternoon drinks, we love it;
  • Next to your direct colleagues, you’ll meet at least 100 others every day during the catered lunch;
  • A brand new office in Alkmaar;
  • 50.000 to 60.000 euro gross a year. (30 procent ruling – meaning 30 procent of your salary is taxfree)

Mai multe informatii la adresa de mail:

(Marius Cimpoeru) #2

Mai multe informatii la adresa de mail:


The company e natural extension to Google G Suite for professional services companies, helping streamline the organization, Win new business; deliver for your clients; celebrate your successes — daily. The company is a 4 year old startup. It is a spin-off of a well established online ERP Solution. It’s purpose is to explore new technologies for and ways of improving the lives of our users. The customers are Professional Services Organizations. The target group are middle sized PSO´s that have the ambition to grow even further and need innovative software to (re)organize themselves in a scalable fashion.


The developer will be part of the scrum team that develops the web app. This is a team concisists of skilled front and back end developers. You will develop the frond-end of the web app. Furthermore you will develop and maintain the website, as a natural extension of the web app.

  • Knowledge of AngularJS or Vue;
  • HTML, JS/JQuery and CSS skills;
  • Experience with using SCSS;
  • Experience with GIT;
  • Basic understanding of build scripts;
  • General experience with WordPress and custom themes;
  • Knowledge of PHP
  • Experience with the Foundation Framework. This is not a requirement as the framework is well documented and operates very similarly to Bootstrap and other similar setups;
  • Experience with maintaining WordPress sites;
  • Experience with React. This is important in terms of the future (1-2 years);
  • Development of WordPress and making use improvements such as the Gutenberg visual editor;
  • Knowledge of Material Design.
  • Proficient in English
  • Some knowledge of Dutch is recommended
  • Team player
  • A natural in agile development, continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Experience in developing business software
  • A very inspiring and challenging work environment
  • The best location in Amsterdam, the better part of the Zuidas
  • Salary range: 52.000 – 59.000 euro
  • 30 procent ruling (30 % of your salary is taxfree)
  • Great lunch

Mai multe informatii la adresa de mail:

(Kilo Grammer) #3

Doua întrebări:

  1. Ce înseamnă concret regula de 30%?
  2. Care este salariul net (in mana) pentru 60,000 de Euro brut? Eu nu cunosc fiscalitatea in Olanda.


(Victor) #4

La #1: peste un anumit venit pe an (~52k brut), poti primi 30% din salariu tax-free pentru 5 ani, urmand sa platesti taxe doar pe restul de 70%.
La #2: care este si open source.

(Marius Cimpoeru) #5

cum a zis Victorelu mai sus:)

(Kilo Grammer) #6

De ce depinde?

(Victor) #7

Vezi aici.

(Georgiana Gligor) #8

Brutul acela e chiar ok pt un frontend dev, avand in vedere costul vietii in Alkmaar.

Cateva cuvinte despre 30% ruling:

  • de la 1 ian anul viitor va fi doar pe 3 ani, tocmai ce s-a votat, iar cei care primesc anul asta vor fi la fel de afectati (in 2009 cand am beneficiat eu de ea, durata de acordare a acestei facilitati era de 10 ani, acum e de 5, deci se merge spre eliminare)
  • unii angajatori deja fac eforturi ca sa fie mai usor pt angajatii lor, dar nu vor fi prea multe astfel de cauri
  • castigul lunar aplicat prin neimpozitarea ultimelor 30% este semnificativ (cateva sute de euro lunar)
  • este afectata direct contributia la pensii, care va fi proportionala doar cu cei 70 % impozitati
  • singur beneficiu de care imi aduc aminte e ca iti poti importa masina fara sa platesti taxa de prima inmatriculare, care e piperata

Legat de venitul net si alte cheltuieli:

  • asigurarea medicala se incheie direct de angajat cu firma asiguratoare si se plateste din buzunar (din venitul net)
  • saptamana trecuta era 1,68 eur litrul de benzina

(Victor) #9

Brutul acela e chiar ok pt un frontend dev, avand in vedere costul vietii in Alkmaar.

Intrebarea pentru OP este: de ce scrie in Perks ca lucrezi in Zuidas in Amsterdam, daca jobul este in Alkmaar? 52k brut e ok daca stai in Alkmaar si locuiesti singur, dar acelasi salariu in Amsterdam nu este la fel de convenabil.

(Marius Cimpoeru) #10

Sunt doua pozitii de Frontend Developer, una in Alkmaar si una in Amsterdam. Poate am gresit eu ceva la postare. Cea din Amsterdam necesita cunostinte de Angular, cea din Alkmaar nu necesita.

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