Junior Cloud Engineer

Role description:

The Customer Experience organization is looking for a highly motivated
full-time to join a growing team. In this role, you will help implement enhancements to the company’s digital and data infrastructure, supporting internal customer’s operational needs.

Objectives of this role:

You will have the opportunity to work on technical projects and engage in the following type of work:

• Write clean infrastructure code with a focus on reusability and automation (i.e. Shell, Python).
• Collaborate and contribute with other enterprise teams on the company’s Cloud journey, including the impact on infrastructure, networks and security.
• Manage central platforms as a service for growth and scale.
• Implement enhancements to the company’s digital and data infrastructure, supporting internal customer’s operational needs.

Basic job Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree.
• A minimum experience with AWS or Google or Azure cloud infrastructure automation and DevOps workflows.
• A minimum experience administering Windows and Linux environments.
• Ability to answer questions and provide customer service to team members as well as external clients.
• Ability to provide best practice approach to infrastructure deployments.
• Ability to automate management and maintenance tasks having a minimum knowledge of: PowerShell, Bash, Python.
• Understanding of enterprise networking – including VPN, Firewalls, ACLs, RBAC.
• Understanding of web development best practices – including source control and continuous integration/deployment concepts.
• Familiarity with concepts such as Infrastructure-as-code (IaC).

Preferred Job Qualifications:

• Superlative customer service skills.
• A passion for automation and building self-healing resilient systems.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Comfortable working on multiple tasks in an agile mode.
• Demonstrates problem solving skills through engineering solutions and open source tools.


  • Competitive salary;

  • Maternity / Paternity leave because family matters the most;

  • 25 vacation days to recharge yourself!

  • Performance evaluation annual bonus;

  • Free access to platform to be up to date to the latest trends in the industry!

  • Professional certifications & trainings.

  • Transportation allowance to make your way to work smoother;

Contact: vcismaru54@massmutual.com


Ceva nu suna bine, pozitia (si probabil salarizarea) sunt nivel junior, dar se cer chestii destul de avansate.


Am mari dubii ca o intereseaza o asemenea pozitie :slight_smile:


Mersi @compphys, asa e, nu ma pasioneaza rolul, nici daca e sa fie principal.

Am vrut sa atrag atentia ca un junior nu are cum sti AWS si alte cele din anunt. Dar se doreste salarizarea la nivel de junior. Asta inseamna ca trebuie ajustate unele lucruri, iar recomandarea mea era sa se stabileasca mai bine asteptarile celor care recruteaza.

Plus de asta, ca tot suntem in preajma zilei femeii si se reia discutia anuala despre cum nu sunt fete in IT, unul din argumente e ca ele nu aplica daca nu indeplinesc toate cerintele. In timp ce baietii merg mai increzatori la discutii si daca stiu doar jumatate.


Qualifications nu sunt guidelines, pare un caz classic de “Junior” dar cu x ani de experienta, doar ca sa iti zica, pai e un post te junior nu te putem putem plati mai mult, ce junior ti-ar face un self healing resilient system.


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