Looking for a Project manager (project based)


(Davask) #1


I’m looking for a Project manager who speak correct english and romanian ( french is a plus ) for full remote project based opportunity.

I have for now 1 project less than 300 hours of development, the pm part should be around 40 hours (for an experienced PM) at most spread over a long period (potentialy multiple months).

The PM would report directly to me and will handle most of the PM part to make sure everything is fluid and all participant have what they needs to go forward.

I will keep the client facing part and I will keep an eye on the evolution of the overall project in any case.

The hourly rate depend on your experience and is fixed between 10 to 23 euros VAT included.

If you are interested please PM me.

Best regards


(Deep Vyas) #2

Hello David,
I can assist you further remotely.
Please let me know


(Davask) #3

Hi @deepvyas

Thanks for reaching me out.

Unfortunatly this offer is only for EU people.

Best regards,


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