Looking for a sysadmin on a monthly basis

(Davask) #1


I’m looking for a sysadmin who could takeover a 3 servers installation based on VMware 5.0 OS with multiple VM on each protected with PfSense.
The sysadmin will need to check if all probes are installed in order to follow up what is going on on the servers and check if automatic backup are made.

This a constant work offer with a monthly payment to act as a garanty for my servers

Please PM me if you d like more info

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(Alex H) #2


So, do you need someone to take care of your vmware systems or someone to look after the virtual servers running on vmware ?

If you need the first one, you will need a Virtualization Engineer with knowledge of vmware. One who is willing to support a system which is now End Of Life and End of Support.

Good luck !

(Davask) #3

I need both but why do you say that ?

(Alex H) #4

Simply because an EoL system does not receive bug fixes or updates. And because a Virtualization layer is important as it runs all of those machines you need. Chances are, nobody will guarantee the systems will be in perfect condition or that they can fix an issue when it happens. There is no IF here, it’s just a matter of when.

See this link : https://www.virten.net/2016/08/vsphere-5-0-and-5-1-end-of-support/

My suggestion would be to see and find someone to upgrade this to a new version and support it after that.

(Davask) #5

Got you !

  1. this os is provided by the vendor I use which is OVH
  1. it is up to the sysadmin to advise me on architecture ( as you suggested)

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Would you be interested in quoting me ?

(Alex H) #7

You must have these servers for a very long time in this case :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is not something I have knowledge / experience in. So I would be clueless :slight_smile:

Why don’t you contact OVH and see if they can manage and perform what you need ? They do offer managed services which you can check here : https://www.ovh.com/world/professional-services/

(Davask) #8

Not at all, they only provide that option for vmware, the alternative would be to install a blank OS and install VMware by yourself !

(Alex H) #9

According to their page here : https://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/distributions/ they also offer version 6.x

If you have not deployed anything or can afford some downtime of the virtual machines, I recommend that you rebuild those servers with the latest vmware version.

(Davask) #10

Actualy I m using https://www.soyoustart.com/en/distributions/