Looking for Vb.net freelancer (Romania)

VB.net.rar (119.7 KB) We are a young, aspiring company in the field of e-commerce as well as a pioneer for creativity, innovative strength and entrepreneurial foresight.

With our own shops and also on different platforms, we now distribute furniture across Europe.
Starting Point
We would like to connect the Rozetka online marketplace to our existing system.

Picking up the orders, managing articles, shipping confirmations for orders up to the first recording should be guaranteed.

The programming language should be vb.Net with .Net Framework 4.5.2. An interface (DLL) that contains the functions described below (see Interfaces) should be created. The source code of the finished project should be transferred so that the client can make adjustments himself and, if necessary, create the .dll again.
When programming, the naming conventions should be followed as described under conventions.
Please check the attachment.

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