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After some discussion, we decided to introduce an opt-out flag from thread-safety checks. Unlike with logging, there is no way for EF Core to know when the checks are needed, and when they arenā€™t; and we definitely want to prioritize reliability and easier debugging, so turning the check off by default was out of the question. Once users have tested that their application works well in production and they are confident that no concurrency bugs exist, they can choose to disable this particular protection; for our TechEmpower Fortunes benchmark, doing so yielded a 6.7% throughput improvement.

This is huge.

Desigur, aveai workaround-uri, dar cam toate erau messy si adaugau complexitate:

  1. DbContext separat pentru fiecare query executat in paralel (la read-uri mai ales)
  2. Adaugai Dapper - mix-uri de ORM-uri in solutie + not strongly typed
  3. Daca aveai un background worker, puneai CUD-urile pe el, cleaner dar tot aveai context separat.

Astept sa vad documentatia finala a API-ului. Sper doar nu fie un flag static ce trebuie schimbat inainte si dupa ce iti faci treaba :slight_smile:.