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So, umm, yarn is useless now?

npm install -g npm-windows-upgrade && npm-windows-upgrade

Rulați cmd, powershell sau mingw ca și administrator.

Aleluia pentru default lockfiles, există Dumnezeu.

Tho it feels like that… it depends.

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Yarn este deținut de comunitate (sprijinit de Facebook & co). Au fost cateva discutii pt. a implementa Yarn in Node.js si sa-l adauge in Node Foundation, din cauza problemelor anterioare cu npm si lipsa lor de implicare.

With npm v5 they really had to push the bar to be at least as good as Yarn or they would be just a registry and slowly fade away. As GitHub had the idea of “maybe we can be a registry too, let’s work on that” (am un amic care lucreaza in Amsterdam la GitHub la un prototip de registry).



intre timp:

i.e. I hear you like package managers so I’m gonna put a package manager inside your package manager


Am testat npm 5 pe un proiect deja existent, la care foloseam npm 3 / yarn pana acum si mi-a dat niste crash-uri ca nu gasea anumite module (“del”, “optimist”…) . care cu yarn si npm 3 mergeau bine.
Poate avea ceva proiectul asta al meu… cine stie ?!

Sterge node_modules.

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Asa facusem.

Asta mi se pare important, asteptam de ceva timp:

See: https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/2568

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interesting: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14619893

direct link: https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/2258