Office of the President of Mongolia: Top to bottom text on the web

We tend to assume that left-to-right script is a law of nature but it is just one of many variations that have been invented and used across space and time. Right-to-left (Arab / Hebrew) [2] is well known but a most intriguing one used in antiquity by Greeks and others is Boustrophedon (alternating from left-to-right / right-to-left).[3]

Boustrophedon mode is in one sense the optimal script form. At the one-time expense of having to learn to recognize letters and words both ways one can then (in principle) speed up reading as the eyeballs don’t need to jump across the page to start a new line :slight_smile:
[1] Mongolian Layout Requirements
[2] Languages using right-to-left scripts
[3] Boustrophedon - Wikipedia

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