Proiect React.JS si Angular.JS - 2 colaborari full-time

Technical details:

  • To move as fast as possible we want to use a PaaS
  • Server side: free choice of platform
  • For building the app: very strong skills in Javascript, as we’re going to use Cordova or React Native

Technical requirements:

  • Multi language support
  • Multi device support (so we want to work based on an API)
  • Performance (page loads, data analysis etc.)
  • Single page web app
  • UX and UI should be consistent and easy to understand

Job description:

  • Proactive thinkers
  • Efficient, responsible, follow-through on commitments, independent and honest
  • Proficient English speakers
  • Flexible and highly motivated developers
  • Experience with building from scratch
  • We want to build a MVP as fast as possible; both a web app as the mobile app (Android + iOS)

Team balance:

  • One can either have more experience in front-end, and the other more in back-end
  • One should be able to help build the team for later on when we are expanding