Seeking help for my project

Hello, it seems that there are skillfull dev here and I need 1 for my hub. I would like to implement 2 differents things. I checked a lot github and fund some stuff but I don’t understand it, enough, to do it by myself.

I have some important requirement:
First I don’t want any third parties of any kind. Everything have to come and be done from MY HUB.
Then I don’t want visitors to download anything.
The first is not a big problem (according github) the second might be harder.

So the first thing that I would like to get is a video live stream. No worries I found a lot of stuff on github which should already work (I post only 2 but I found more than 10 will give it in pm to let this post clear):

github .com/kejiweixun/stream-video-with-nodejs-koajs (maybe be what I’m searching but in chinese)
github .com/WWBN/AVideo (If I understood it use third party so I prefer to avoid)

The problem is that I don’t understand a lot and I’m not sure that it match with my 2 requirements. I noticed a “maybe be what I’m searching” to help you a little. If one of the examples, quoted before, do the job it should not take more than 4 hours to implement it. At least, if you understand about what I’m talking, maybe some of you could already say if what I found on github match.

Then I would like to get a “voice chat” room, so again I already found some stuff but still not sure if it do the job (Again I post only 2 but I found more than 5 can also share it if you ask):

github .com/Johni0702/mumble-web (I’m not sure if it use (or go through) a third party)
github .com/dantheman94/Networked-Party-Chat (I’m not sure to understand)

I would also like to ask some extra help to fix what is currently not working on my hub (but it’s a 2 hours job, really not more).

If what is on github match, it shouldn’t take more than 2 days for a “expert” but again I’m not sure to understand everything, so I’m asking your precious help.

I would really appreciate if 1 guys would be willing to do it for free but then I can also propose to offer him a (cheap) hosting plan during some months (with “root” but no domain name). For those who want to be paid, again, if what I show, from github, work, I don’t know if I should pay.

Finally about my hub (which is certainly what you are going to ask me firt). It’s completly free (and I want it to stay free) and really not for a big community. It should not have more than 20 members on the chat. For the streaming maybe 5. I can give you the link through pm (it don’t work perfectly).

I wasn’t sure if I should put it here or “work”. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Ok, it seems that no one here knows anything about live streaming.