Sineto is hiring: Senior Back-End Developer for Central Platform

Senior Back-End Developer for Central

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Who Are We?
Syneto is one of the European early leaders in datacenter technology. Founded in
2008, our company creates IT infrastructure products and services for private and
hybrid clouds. We provide a firm foundation on which businesses of all sizes in
Europe can achieve their goals. Universities, managed service providers, newspapers
and submarines are some of the 3000 companies that rely on Syneto for the core
pieces of their infrastructure.
Using Syneto products, our clients run VMs, share files, back them up and restore in
case of man-made errors or even natural disasters. For the past four years, we’ve
been growing at an aggregate rate between 20 and 40% year over year.
Our mission is to broaden the reach of technology. Syneto teams analyse emerging
trends in enterprise IT and provide an alternative that’s easy to use and affordable.
Starting from the needs of our clients, we build new products and features using a
user-centered approach.

Who are you?
• You’re a software enthusiast with a strong understanding of how operating
systems function.
• You enjoy challenges and want to share your ideas and passion. Instead of
just following technical guidelines, you want to shape the important technical
choices that guide those guidelines.
• You aim to make your mark on a successful product used by many

We need your expertise for
Central project started in 2017. Functioning as the public cloud segment within our
hybrid cloud platform, it empowers functionalities such as software updates, system
licensing, remote machine accessibility, cloud-based logging and analytics, as well
as cloud backups. The primary backend technologies encompass Google Cloud
(including GCE, GKE, and Google Storage), Kubernetes (utilizing tools like Pulumi,
Prometheus, Loki, and Grafana), programming languages such as Python and node.js/Typescript, database management through MySQL, and communication
facilitated by gRPC. Meanwhile, React serves as the chosen framework for the
frontend aspect.

What we expect from you:
• Guide software development teams technically through coaching sessions or
• Evaluate a range of software products, providing peer reviews and solutions
for related code.
• Collaborate with both the team and the CTO to define the architecture that
supports new features.
• Be part of an agile team that sees through all user stories from start to finish.
• Prioritize the maintenance of high software product quality by instilling good
habits and practices.
• Create APIs, collaborate with databases, and manage cloud services.
• Work alongside DevOps engineers to package, build, and deploy the code.
• Conduct automated unit tests to verify the code.
• Assist the team and Product Owner in planning iterations and releases.
What skills and experience you need
• Exposure for at least 7 years in software development
• Python experience, at least 2 years
• Good understanding of OOP, code modularity and design patterns
• Working knowledge of AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
• Knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud native software development
• Team player
• Wanting to constantly learn and improve

Any of the following would be an advantage:
• Knowledge of DDD (domain-driven design), SOLID principles, clean
• Knowledge of TCP/IP networking
• University degree in a Computer Science related discipline
The way we collaborate:
• Full-time employee, collaborators (PFA, SRL)
• Fully remote (2-4 onsite visits might be required for project kick-offs,
engineering summits and one yearly company teambuilding, if no restrictions
are applied)
• Flexible working hours, with at least 4-6 hours of overlap with colleagues
• Using as equipment, MacBook Pro

Ways to develop professionally:
• Coaching and training from colleagues with 10+ years of experience
• Flexibility to choose from several career paths in a young and dynamic
• Relevant work with modern, up to date technologies
Well-being benefits:
• Private medical insurance offered by Signal iDuna;
• Enjoy 24 days of annual vacation, with the possibility of extra days based on
tenure at Syneto;
• Balance statutory weekend holidays by providing equivalent weekdays off.

Total compensation package includes:
• Monthly income
• Company and individual performance bonus
• Meal tickets
• Referral bonus for new colleagues, 500-1000 EUR Net (based on position

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