Softare developer c#- bucharest

Company description:

World leader providing products in the following areas : time management hardware, software, and services: Information Systems, Time Management Products, Parking Systems, Timing Services.

We are looking for a flexible and dynamic software developer.
The employer company develops products in the Time&Attendance and Parking System fields. Therefore the creativity and implication from you is more than welcome. All parties (development, testing, sales, support teams, distributors) are actively providing input and contributing to product development with own ideas. Open communication, flexibility, being open-minded and sharing ideas will be key elements in your daily job. You will be involved actively in many phases of software product development.

The company works mainly with Visual Studio/.NET/C# for server side, SQL Server for database development, ExtJs, JQuery and Sencha Touch for web client side.

An important area is the mobile native applications development for which we use Sencha Touch, Sencha Architect, Eclipse, Cordova and Android Studio. We develop for both iOS and Android.

We also do embedded development for WinCE (C++) and Android OS.

You will be involved in any of these where you fit better and can contribute – you don’t need to know all of these from the beginning, you will have time to learn and find your way.

If you like it and think you can be part of this challenge please give us a sign.

Net income:

1200 – 1700 EUR

Acest subiect a fost închis automat după 30 de zile de la primul răspuns. Nu mai sunt permise răspunsuri noi.