Standard Markdown

Because there is no unambiguous spec, implementations have diverged considerably. As a result, users are often surprised to find that a document that renders one way on one system (say, a GitHub wiki) renders differently on another (say, converting to docbook using Pandoc). To make matters worse, because nothing in Markdown counts as a “syntax error,” the divergence often isn’t discovered right away.

Mi se pare cel puțin ciudat că în grupul celor ce au standardizat Markdown nu se găsește și John Gruber (cel ce a definit prima dată MD)

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Tocmai citeam asta acum vreo 2 ore :

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Standard Markdown is now Common Markdown

Gruber nu a “aprobat” acest proiect. E un pic ciudată decizia de a-l numi “standard”, de unde și schimbare in “common”… a fost/este o intreagă discuție Twitter despre asta.

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Nu știam detaliile din spatele proiectului. Gruber putea fi mai diplomat de atât:

[…] we emailed John Gruber, the original creator of Markdown, two weeks ago (On August 19th, to be precise) with a link to the Standard Markdown spec, asking him for his feedback. […]

We then waited two weeks for a response.

There was no response, so we assumed that John Gruber was either OK with the project (and its name), or didn’t care. So we proceeded.


We haven’t heard back after replying last night, and I’m not sure we ever will

Putea să-și rupă două minute din timpul său prețios în care să trimită un răspuns la mailul inițial prin care să spună că nu-i ok.