SVG Coordinate Systems & Transformations

Sara Soueidan explica in acest tutorial in 3 parti despre sistemul de coordonate si transformari pentru SVG. Super interesting / technical stuff! :slight_smile:

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Oarecum related: poți face export de SVG în Photoshop CC prin intermediul Generator.

  • Close Photoshop CC. The required version to make it work is 14.2.
  • Create an empty text file and name it “generator.json”
  • Copy and paste inside this line of code:
    "generator-assets":  { 
        "svg-enabled": true
  • Save this file generator.json in your user home folder. ( Windows: %home% Mac: ~/ )
  • Open Photoshop CC and a PSD file.
  • Activate Generator (File > Generate > Image assets).
  • Rename your vector layers adding a .svg extension. Photoshop will generate SVG files in the assets folder.

De aici

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