The hidden danger when developing for Android

Un fel de „nu-ți ține toate ouăle într-un singur coș”.

Un articol lung și apărut de câteva luni (citit la momentul ăla, că generase un buzz destul de mare). Mi-a adus aminte @andySF de el.


Tried to become a professional Android developer. Didn’t realize posting some apps for beta testing would result in being banned for life by Google before even having a chance to get started. I assumed a human would be involved in any banning process and they would clearly see that I was not intending to fool anyone and that my apps were harmless. Consider this before investing time and money into developing for Android. If one of their algorithms thinks you’re a bad guy, you’re banned for life.

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Câteva citate care te fac să realizezi că nu trebuie să te încredințezi niciunei tehnologii.

Why don’t you just create another Google account and start over?

Google explicitly states that any new accounts created by you will be immediately terminated. Google tracks everything you do. They track all the IP addresses you access your accounts from. They read your mail and track your location, they read your docs, they know your credit card numbers and home and work addresses. They also know who your friends are and who you chat with and email. It’s possible, but incredibly difficult to fool their surveillance.

Who in their right mind would base a business around a payment system that will shut you down without warning and take your balance? I’ve heard of stories online of people losing tens of thousands of dollars from Google Wallet and there are similar stories of peoples AdMob balances being taken after an account termination. If this was my sole source of income I would be financially devastated.

Google could have, and still could block my gmail, docs and other Google business apps that I use to run my business. This would devastate my entire online life and destroy my family. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen to anyone.


Din experienţa mea personală, lucrând în Google 1 an… dacă Google te banează odată pt ceva, 99% şanse ca acea banare să nu fie ridicată niciodată.

Sunt ridicoli. Habar nu aveţi câte certuri aveam cu colegii care evaluau cererile de suspendare.