The Little ASP.NET Core Book


(Adavidoaiei Dumitru-Cornel) #1

I wrote this short book to help developers and people interested in web programming learn about ASP.NET Core 2.0, a new framework for building web applications and APIs.

This short (and free!) book is structured as a tutorial. You’ll build an app from start to finish and learn:

  1. How to build a web app with the ASP.NET Core framework
  2. The basics of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern
  3. How to read and write data to a database
  4. How to add log-in, registration, and security
  5. How to deploy the app to the web

(cosmos) #2

Acum un an facusem si eu o aplicatie web todo
Explicatii simple pt concepte cum ar fi Dependency Injection

(Adavidoaiei Dumitru-Cornel) #3

Ai implementat in framework best practices unit testing, dependancy injection, tag helpers, etc.

(cosmos) #4

da, sunt !
Dar pt cineva la inceput, trebuie sa inteleaga ce sunt cu ele si cum se folosesc.

Tot o resursa buna pt a invata asp, este si

Microsoft si-a pus destul de bine la punct documentatia. Sunt cazuri in care renunt la Stackoverflow in favoarea documentatiei

(Adavidoaiei Dumitru-Cornel) #5

Carti de .net core 2 o sa apara foarte multe si pe amazon.