The State of .NET in 2018

(Cosmin Popescu) #1

the-state-of-dotnet-in-2018.pdf (2.5 MB)

Documentul pdf luat de aici

(István F.) #2

Ce mi se pare foarte interesant e ca ASP.NET Core 2.0 are ca target angular si react pentru frontend in loc de Razor.

  • Support for server-side pre-rendering of
    JavaScript components | Embeds NodeJS in ASP.
    NET runtime hosting

  • Webpack Hot Module Replacement | Speeds
    up dev/test cycles by automatically refreshing
    components on TypeScript/JavaScript/CSS edits

  • Node Module dependency management | All
    of what Angular/React need are referenced and

  • Webpack integration is built-in | Does bundling,
    minification and TypeScript compilation

Cei de la microsoft vor sa fure sau sa atraga foarte mult programatorii JavaScript.

(Adavidoaiei Dumitru-Cornel) #3

Razor ruleaza server side, pe cand cu Angular si ReactJS faci Single Page Application, nu sunt acelas lucru.

(Cosmin Popescu) #4

In core am folosit pt prima data bower ca manager de pachete js. bine, asta dupa o eroare de care nu puteam sa scap

Template-uri de REactJs, Redux, Angular

(István F.) #5

Asta e faza, pe langa Razor o sa ai server-side rendering cu angular si reactjs integrat in .net.

@Cosmin_Popescu bower ? Bower n-are ce cauta pe backend pentru frontend, doar webpack.

• The Model and View folders aren’t there | The Controllers do bare minimum
• The point is to build a true SPA | All the app’s functionality is client-side
• Accordingly, the ClientApp folder is where most of the app’s code lives
• App features are built as reusable app components
• npm is used to bring in app dependencies
• WebPack is used for configurations and component bundling
• Each component is commonly made up of HTML and CSS | JavaScript pulls it all together
• App business logic is commonly written in TypeScript for Angular 2.0 forwar

(Cosmin Popescu) #6

Razor este cam cum ai avea php . Eu la-m folosit la greu in aplicatia de licenta. Ma scutea de a folosi js pt chestii care putea fi facute cu c#
Marchezi sintaxa prin “@”

(Cosmin Popescu) #7

Doar pt fronend :slight_smile:

Pt back-end avem NuGet Package manager