Visual Studio for Mac

Este o aplicație nativă, nu un webapp împachetat (cum era visual studio code). Cu o integrare cu Swift/ObjC, poate o să existe un IDE mai puțin stupid pentru iOS :slight_smile:


Visual Studio for Mac isn’t, in fact, Visual Studio at all. Instead, it’s the latest iteration of Xamarin Studio, the cross-platform C# development environment that Microsoft inherited when it bought Xamarin, developers of cross-platform .NET-based mobile development tools, last year.


Eu astept unul pentru Linux, ceea ce nu pare atat de greu avand in vedere ca se bazeaza pe Mono si IDE de la Xamarin, o recompilare a IDE-ului pentru Linux si ai o baza solida :slight_smile:


In sfarsit :slight_smile:

EDIT: Am cautat de nebun link-ul de download dar pe twitter au confirmat ca se va lansa la Connect(); peste 2 zile si s-au grabit cu anuntul.

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Legat de versiunea de Linux am intrebat pe forum, mai exact e bazat pe MonoDevelop IDE,

Will we have a version of Visual Studio for Linux ? I think that is possible to re-compile for Linux if we take in consideration that is based on Xamarin IDE.


It would be nice to have the Android / Tizen peaces work on Linux (Tizen is GNU Linux anyway). From my understanding this is probably possible (at least with Android) BUT because its not “officially” supported my MS / XM teams it would just work under the label / core of MonoDevelop and support would need to be added / ported by the community.

Also as they said in Connect, they’re focused on making the macOS version right now even if other possibilities open up.

Cum ziceam seamana destul demult cu Monodevelop, eu inca astept versiunea pentru Linux.