Watch now how to optimize DevOps with CDK and Kubernetes

Don’t miss out on the records of DevOps Meetup featuring senior experts from Amazon Web Services, Zitec and DataArt :point_right: DevOps Meetup: let's talk about CDK and Kubernetes

Our program boasts two sessions and a panel discussion, led by industry experts: Eric Beard, Senior Specialist SA, IaC at Amazon Web Services, who will guide us through the most efficient approaches to building and deploying cloud infrastructure using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), and Mihail Musat, Business Line Director, DevOps at Zitec, who will discuss the business needs for transitioning to Kubernetes.The materials are privately accessible.

Please fill out the registration form to gain access before Friday, May 12th


Este offline?

Mie tare imi plac ghidurile care leaga kubernetes de o anumita platforma, in special AWS.

Ghici care e urmatoarea cerinta cand aude cineva de K8s: Cat dureaza sa il facem sa ruleze pe Azure/Google/noname cloud (orice inafara de ce ai deja) ? Ca avem un client foarte important si ei vor musai XYZ.

In mod ideal good devops e cloud agnostic, altfel o sa ai un produs pentru fiecare cloud in parte si va implica inclusiv dezvoltatorii nu numai devops la fiecare cloud nou.

In rest e reclama.

Faceti orice, dar stati departe de CDK si proprietary tools.