WebAssembly and Sockets: PHP development server on WasmEdge

As part of the Wasm Language Runtimes project, we have been working to expand the functionality of the server-side WebAssembly PHP build we developed on top of WASI. As we explained in the outline of our initial work on this, due to WASI being still incomplete we were not able to port the code that uses server-side sockets.

However, other WebAssembly runtimes like WasmEdge have gone beyond the current WASI standard and extended it with API methods that offer the missing socket support. We decided to leverage it and provide an improved version of PHP for wasm32-wasi which now includes the PHP Development server.

This article explores some of the challenges we found along the way of this effort. We hope that the lessons we learned will help others in their work with WASI and legacy applications.

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