75 Engineering blogs worth reading to improve your system design

High Scalability LinkedIn
Engineering at Meta LinkedIn
AWS Architecture Blog AWS Architecture Blog
All Things Distributed LinkedIn
The Nextflix Tech Blog Netflix TechBlog
LinkedIn Engineering Blog Blog | LinkedIn Engineering
Uber Engineering Blog https://eng.uber.com/
Engineering at Quora LinkedIn
Pinterest Engineering LinkedIn
Lyft Engineering Blog https://eng.lyft.com/
Twitter Engineering Blog LinkedIn
Dropbox Engineering Blog https://dropbox.tech/
Spotify Engineering https://lnkd.in/eJerVRQM
Github Engineering The GitHub Blog: Engineering News and Updates
Instagram Engineering LinkedIn
Canva Engineering Blog https://canvatechblog.com/
Etsy Engineering LinkedIn
Booking.com Tech Blog https://blog.booking.com/
Expedia Technology LinkedIn
The Airbnb Tech Blog LinkedIn
Stripe Engineering Blog LinkedIn
Ebay Tech Blog https://tech.ebayinc.com/
Flickr’s Tech Blog https://code.flickr.net/
Hubspot Product and Engineering Blog LinkedIn
Zynga Engineering LinkedIn
Yelp Engineering Blog LinkedIn
Heroku Engineering Blog LinkedIn
Discord Engineering and Design LinkedIn
Zomato LinkedIn
Hotstar https://blog.hotstar.com/
Swiggy https://bytes.swiggy.com/
Acast Tech LinkedIn
ASOS Tech Blog LinkedIn
Shopify Engineering LinkedIn
Microsoft Tech Blogs DevBlogs - Microsoft Developer Blogs
Engineering at Microsoft LinkedIn
MongoDB Engineering Blog https://lnkd.in/e9iaqcmZ
Slack Engineering https://slack.engineering/
DoorDash Engineering LinkedIn
Akamai LinkedIn
Expedia Technology LinkedIn
Reddit Engineering LinkedIn
Snap Engineering Snap Engineering Blog
CloudFlare LinkedIn
Engineering at Depop LinkedIn
SourceDiving (Cookpad’s Engineering Blog https://sourcediving.com/
Auto Trader Engineering Blog LinkedIn
Indeed Engineering Blog LinkedIn
Gusto Engineering Blog Gusto Engineering
Engineering at Birdie LinkedIn

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