94 OPEN IT Locuri de muncă în DANEMARCA

Did you know that the programming languages like C++, C#, TurboPascal and Visual Prolog were developed by Danish programmers?
Denmark is – besides being one of the best Test marked for complex IT solutions – also home to the most satisfied workers in the world. They are among the highest earners and have better work/life balance than almost any other country. Best of all, Denmark wants talented people like YOU to join us. We know it seems somewhat far away, but take a moment to discover the benefits:

  1. If you have career ambitions, Denmark can answer them instantly. A strong cluster of both large and entrepreneurial companies working with Gaming, Robotics, Sound Technology, Fintech and Software Development will give you the right challenges and opportunities.
  2. If you have ideas to share, we have people who want to hear them. The Danish work and management culture focuses on inclusion, flat structure and teamwork. This will increase your ability to influence your own work.
  3. If you want a high salary AND moderate working hours, we offer a work/life balance that allows you to spend more time with family and friends. In Denmark you don’t have to sacrifice your career to get a life.
    Sounds too good to be true? Please visit https://express.candarine.com/campaign/url/forward/a7415362d4d5 to browse vacant positions and discover what makes the 67.000 non-Danish specialists enjoy working and living in Denmark. You’ll see that we’re not joking.

With its highly competitive IT cluster and ability to innovate and integrate complex software systems, Denmark has become a favorite hot spot and test market for some of the most successful and internationally renowned software companies like Microsoft, VMware, Apple, Google etc.
In addition our level of income is high, our work culture relaxed and our work/life balance unmatched, so what’s not to like? It’s your career. It’s your move. Think Denmark.

Check out the more than 200 IT jobs and read more about life as an expat in Denmark. You may be pleasantly surprised. Read more at https://express.candarine.com/campaign/url/forward/a7415362d4d5

Do you accept remote work? You don’t? Why?

As far as I know taxes in Denmark are incredibly high.


As well as salary;) And the quality of life is much bigger.

Well, it depends on the city. In a smaller one, you will be surrounded only by old people and die of boredom.

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aici se vede vorbitorul de engleza care nu e nativ, mai precis e de pe meleagurile noastre

calitatea e mai mare dar nu in sens fizic (“big”) ci “better”

Are numele la profil, e din Lituania.