A Taxonomy of Tech Debt

Citiți măcar metricii folosiți (exemplificați în articol) pentru a măsura un tech debt. Dacă de impact și preț m-am tot lovit, ce nu am luat în considerare niciodată - cel puțin nu în mod conștient - a fost contagion:

The third axis is something I’ve become obsessed with: contagion. If this tech debt is allowed to continue to exist, how much will it spread? That spreading can result from other systems interfacing with the afflicted system, from copy-pasting data built on top of the system, or from influencing the way other engineers will choose to implement new features.

If a piece of tech debt is well-contained, the cost to fix it later compared to now is basically identical. You can weigh how much impact it has today when determining when a fix makes sense. If, on the other hand, a piece of tech debt is highly contagious, it will steadily become harder and harder to fix. What’s particularly gross about contagious tech debt is that its impact tends to increase as more and more systems become infected by the technical compromise at its core.