Customer service, DOs and DONTs

(Cristian Andreescu) #1

When AI is pushed like crazy, but some customer service dept acting like:

Me: Hi, I can’t login to my account, it timeouts, probably because I’ve tried too many times and server blocked my access.
Dev: Just a second, I’m checking.

Dev: Your account is working, I’m logged in.

Me: That is not the issue, I can’t login because server blacklisted my IP, at least that’s what I think.

Dev: Sorry, do you have another network you can use? Because your account is working for me. And you may have some network issues.

Me, losing my patience: I don’t have any connection issues, moron! I’m talking to you using my network.


Dev: Sorry, you’re totally right. Can you give me your IP so I can whitelist it?