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Hi Guys,
This is a quote request for a DevOps freelancer to help me bulletproofed 1 debian 8.8 server security by doing a server analysis and recommendations to improve security.
In other words, how would you configure this server to protect it against hackers ?
This server contains multiple Dokcer container too on which I’d like analysis and recommandation too.
In order to comply with my accountant, I will need the freelancer to have a legal status to provide invoice.
Best regards,

Hello David,

I think you are looking for a SecOps specialist. What you are asking for has nothing to do with DevOps.

Better change your post’s title and content to reflect the requirements.



Hi Dans,
thanks for the info.
I never heard about Secops. I ll do the update.
Have a nice week end

You want to hire a security specialist? If yes, drop me a private message.

Hi Serghei,
I’m adding this for others on the forum, I m looking for a one shot analysis/recommandation report.

Hi David!

Take me in count, in case of developing on/off side resources monitoring :wink:

Hi Opencart_romania,
thanks for answering.
Can you do security check, analysis, report on a debian server with docker containers ?

Hi Sir!
Excepting docker containers, I’ve made quite of standard security audits for my small farm and also for same customers as well, like resources consuming and process that kill your server and also fail2ban filters for blocking on demand ports scanning.
This is my background, so if you think that its suitable to your needs, then let me know.

You can also try to contact a company specialised in penetration tests like Cyber Smart Defence. I guess they can give you reports and invoice. Take a look here for their services.

Thanks George,
I actually try to develop as much as I can the remote worker / freelancer universe, to do so I try to work with freelance or remote worker as much as I can.
But I will definitly have a look at this company they seems pretty interesting.
Do you have any idea of which kind of price policy they have ?

My friends from CTF365 have an extensive list of security people they work with on a freelance basis, I think if you write them an email asking for a recommendation they might be able to help. Might be worth a try.

My company does plenty of DevOps, but we don’t need to bulletproof our apps, so our internal list of security practices proved sufficient for our market in the past 7 years.


Hi Georgiana Gligor, that platform seems pretty fun to play with. thanks for that and I ll definitly ask them for advices.
Who are your friends from CTF365 ?
Which kind of practices do you apply ?
I m applying some rules now that have been pretty good against floading attack but I m not an expert and I want to bullet proof my server as it happen that I m going to host user documents pretty soon and with the gdpr coming soon, It is time to upgrade my security :smiley:
Thanks for answering

Hi @davask,

I know the founders of CTF365 for a few years already, and have watched their startup grow over time. This is why I recommend getting in touch with them, they have always been friendly and responsive (at least in my case).

Guarding user data and documents is no longer a trivial task in the context of GDPR, so I think you need a consultant on the architectural level for the entire application(s), and combine that information with a security perspective.


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