Feature flag service - build vs buy?

Am o dilema,

Am nevoie de feature flag-uri pe FE, care sa se poata seta ori cu un boolean ori dupa reguli cu date din db/date din alte servicii/context in pagina pe FE/user metadata…

Ma gandesc la ceva custom-built, dar poate exista ceva open-source bun cu Java/Spring deja facut.


Nu te supara pe mine, poti sa inchizi comentul meu. Nu ma pricep deloc la Java, dar sunt curios… daca ChatGPT a inteles intrebarea ta

Yes, there are several open-source feature flag management tools available for Java/Spring that you could consider using, such as:

  1. Togglz (https://www.togglz.org/) - This is a mature and feature-rich Java library for implementing feature flags in Java applications. It supports a variety of feature activation strategies, including boolean flags and dynamic rules based on context data.
  2. FF4j (http://ff4j.org/) - This is a lightweight and flexible feature flag management library for Java applications. It provides support for boolean flags as well as complex rule-based feature toggling, and integrates easily with Spring applications.
  3. Unleash (https://unleash.github.io/) - This is a feature flagging and A/B testing platform that provides client libraries for Java applications. It supports boolean flags as well as context-based and percentage rollouts.

These solutions provide a range of features and capabilities, so you may want to evaluate them against your specific requirements to determine which one is the best fit for your project.

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poate ceva asemanator


si LaunchDarkly e ok ca platforma pt management de feature flags, vad ca au si sdk pt java Java SDK reference

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Mie imi trebuie pentru front-end, ideea e sa fie bazat pe java/spring boot ca asa am backend-ul la celelalte servicii.