Front-end Developer wanted (Bootstrap)

We are looking for a Bootstrap front-end developer in Bucharest willing to join our team at Webpixels. We create high-quality front-end and back-end solutions for customers all over the world. Until now we have reached over 50k developers worldwide, and this number is growing each day.

As a Bootstrap Developer, you will be responsible for the translation of the UI/UX designs to actual code with which we will produce visual elements of the application based on user behaviors and interactions.

What you will do:

  • Develop code based on a given design by following our development guidelines
  • Participate in architectural discussions
  • Design and implement front-end business applications
  • Work with a software development team
  • Support and maintain existing production code

You have the option to work remotely from anywhere you want.

We are growing rapidly, so if you are interested to take part in our journey, let us know and we will provide you with more information about the job.

Is kind of sad to call someone a boostrap developer, is just a library.


It’s fine. I met people knowing Jquery but not Javascript. So having someone knowing Bootstrap but not CSS sounds plausible these days.

Technically it’s a CSS Framework :slight_smile:

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What about React developer, lots of job ads are titled like this.

Just bad choice of words!


Acest subiect a fost închis automat după 30 de zile de la primul răspuns. Nu mai sunt permise răspunsuri noi.