How much could be the cost of a Freelancer from Romania?

Hi guys,

I have a topic I discuss with my partner on average rate for php/laravel/symfony freelance developper in romania.

Based on my calculation a junior would be around 10 euros vat included per hour and 15 euros vat included by hours for a senior position. these info comes from eu official sources.
But it seems I m wrong.

So who could provide me an official romanian source that explain what are the average rate in romania for this type of profile ?
What do you think of that average rate ?

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Hi @davask
A freelancer how can give you invoice for his work is kind of low, cuz taxes are around 65% as employee (less if is PFA instead of SRL) but you might found some.

Best regards.

It’s not a rule about sallary, everyone ask on interview “How much you want?”, this is how Romania work, just 5-10 % of employers tell “we can offfer you”.

I m not talking about employee, I m talking about someone who has his own business and make invoice to me.

Don t you talk with your friends and colleague about who get what ?
Is there no official organism in Romania that do some market analysis ?

What does these 5/10% of companies are suggesting as salary then ?

5-10 % , after interview say “Hello , we can offer you x sum of money” , rest ask you “how much you want”.

If you want someone to read you, you might not want to start by insulting the others.
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What were you saying ?


I got you, but I m asking the numbers, what will be the offers in euros or crown ?

Euro it’s ok for us :slight_smile:

10 EUR per hour = 1800 EUR per month before taxes for a full-time, 8 hours per day position

It’s a lot of bother to have your own business when compared to being a full time employee, so for such fares you’re either going to find:

  • a courageous junior developer with entrepreneurial spirit
  • an incompetent developer who will do in 40 hours what another one can do in 8

Not a rule of thumb, as there are exceptions (people that undervalue themselves), but it’s best to avoid anything under 30-40 EUR per hour for a senior position. You get what to pay for.


It depends on the region and if that person is a contractor for some time already.
But if you include VAT, both are lower than what they should be.
So for instance, you pay around 1600 EUR for a junior if he works a full month, but then he has to pay taxes - at least 2500 EUR / year (depends on the city and how much he’s willing to pay for the pension) & VAT 19%.
So a junior is left with about 1000 euro per month, if he’s paying for the minimum pension.
But based on the city, the junior can get the same amount as an employee.
As for the senior, he’s left with about 1700 EUR per month. A senior can get 2000+ EUR as an employee, depending on the city.

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interesting, how many years of experience would have this senior profile ? 10 years ?

if I follow your logic then junior would be 13eur/hour and 22eur/hour for senior.
How many years of experience for the senior ? 6 years ?

you can get a junior with 10 years of experience or a senior with only 3-4 years.

Years of experience is not the best metric. I guess a minimum of 5?

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I would ask you one question: what is that EU official source -you mentioned it at the very first post- saying that a junior (in techs you mentioned) earns 10 euro / hour and a senior earns 15 euro / hour? Thanks

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Biz Magazine has published this year a guide regarding monthly wages in Romania.
It’s a study by ABC Human Capital.
It’s not about freelance though.
The values are in EUR.


And Gross, as this mention is important.

Actually I think it’s net.
It says in the bottom-right corner of the picture if I understand it correctly.

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Then I am sorry to say this, but the margins are bullshit, especially as they say that 90% of the people who work in IT have those salaries. :slight_smile: