Illuminated Cloud

  1. Support for both traditional and Salesforce DX projects
  2. Intelligent context-sensitive code completion and live templates
  3. Extensive code navigation and cross-referencing
  4. Integrated API documentation
  5. ApexDoc support including auto-generation of header comments, tag and symbol completion, syntax highlighting, and quick doc rendering
  6. Content type-aware static resource management and static resource bundle support
  7. Template-based source file creation
  8. Highly-configurable source code formatter
  9. Integrated Apex unit test execution and code coverage metrics
  10. Source code validation and deployment
  11. Powerful connection management
  12. Flexible and efficient metadata deployment, retrieval, and delete actions
  13. Anonymous Apex and SOQL query execution
  14. Integrated log viewer
  15. Offline Apex debugger

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