Looking for his new Backend Developer

Hi Everybody,

After a good run with one of your colleagues who is going to focus on a new client, I’m looking for a new backend developper who can handle Wordpress development (plugin / theme / upgrade / API).

Having Experience with Laravel / Symfony is a big plus

We are looking for a project base partner with the ability to create legal invoice.

If interested, please send me a PM with these details :

  • Are you able to create legal invoice ?
  • What is your linkedin profile ?
  • How many hours a week are you available ?
  • What are you hourly rate expectation ?

Best regards,



Hi Ian,

By legal Invoice, I mean being able to present invoice to me for payment that comes from a real company or at least a freelance official status, I need it for my accountant.

Where are you physicaly ?

@RedGuard Say hello to your friends, maybe you two know each other


We’ve been talking for the last 4 hours today anyway.

As a side note, Indians aren’t so bad if you:

  • Do a serious filtering on them
  • Micromanage the hell out of their work (to the point you telling them the names of the classes/methods/variables)

Take it as you will. But yeah if you have choices and money, go as far from Asia as you can.

Fun side-notes, the guy I’m working with personally/directly:

  • he knows English. We have plenty of Skype voice chats, but he completely fails to understand expressions like: “What’s up?”, “Are you set?”, “What’s your take on it?” or anything outside of the standard vocabulary-single-word-no-expressions medium. It’s very weird as we’ve talked about a bunch of stuff outside work, from education to cars to vacations.
  • he knows how to write code, but only limited to a certain… area. Like, I taught him how to extend a customizable CSV import infrastructure (multiple apps working independently) but he completely failed to use it to… import the CSV files.
  • on that note, he doesn’t know how to test the software he writes. And after doing some code reviews and testing, it seemed that testing what he wrote was completely outside his mindset.
  • he might be able, this week, to independently extend a piece of software only to, the week after, have no idea what you are talking about. And he isn’t doing the bait-and-switch where you talk to one dude and then some other Indian dude is doing the work.
  • this forgetfulness displayed itself yesterday. He asked me to give him some SQL data and once I uploaded the file and said “Here it is”, he answered with “What?” It might’ve been he didn’t receive it so fast, but then the normal reply would’ve been: Did you send it, cause I haven’t got anything yet?
  • he spent one week not knowing how to do some form with one select and one file input, with the file being uploaded in chunks. With all the code examples possible. And didn’t say one thing.
  • he does know jQuery, but not Javascript, as he put it.

~10 years of software development on his belt.

He is improving, but I feel it’s all wasted. I mean, it shows he’s able to understand new concepts and incorporate them, but I sense that if I put him to work on some other project he’ll be completely lost again.

Anyway, he’s a human being, I would invite him to dinner, go yachting with him or leave my kids a couple of hours with him, no problem with that. But I was doing more complex stuff in my first week after getting hired back in 200x without anyone telling me anything.

Also, he has at least 3 apartments in India (larger than 80 square meters). I can’t touch the idea of buying a house in Romania. Guess I’m the one doing poorly in life.

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