Pozitie de full stack developer - freelancer to full-time opportunity

A US-Based startup is looking for a freelancer to full-time full stack developer to help us manage ongoing projects for our AWS hosted EHR (electronic healthcare records system). The EHR is used by any independent healthcare practice, and contains beside the normal CRM, its payment processing solutions, bookkeeping, multi-websites (similar with wordpress multi-site but based on Laravel framework), hosting, phone systems, mobile app, analytics and marketing.

We are looking for developers familiar with Laravel, CSS, Html, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, API, web development, database architecture, browser extension, desktop application, mobile application, google analytics, who are able to work at their own pace while meeting necessary deadlines.

This offer is for a 6 month period subject to renewal at the end of the contract.
English level is not important. Time requirements will be up to 30hrs/week.

Available projects are from $300 to $50,000 each or $30/$100 per hour. Once the candidate become full time employees with our company, beside all legal requirements, we provide all necessary equipment for remote work like, apple phones and laptops plus company credit card for any business related needs.

What we need from you:

  • Describe your recent experience with similar projects
  • Please list any certifications related to this project
  • Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website
  • What frameworks have you worked with?

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