Udemy freebies - decembrie 2017

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Am primil un email de la udemy:

JAVASCRIPT API : Dynamic JavaScript Master Class AJAX JSON Simple APIs (4.5+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/ajax-course/?couponCode=FIRST-25

BOOTSTRAP 4 PROJECT : Website from Scratch using Bootstrap 4 https://www.udemy.com/course-bootstrap-4/?couponCode=FIRST-25

GOOGLE SCRIPT PROJECT : Google Script application Connecting to Twitter API and more

GOOGLE SCRIPT PROJECT : Get Google Sheets as JSON data for web applications

HTML5 JAVASCRIPT PROJECT: Canvas image Creator HTML5 JavaScript project from Scratch https://www.udemy.com/canvas-image-maker-html5-javascript-project-from-scratch/?couponCode=FIRST-25

HTML5 JAVASCRIPT :Learn HTML5 Canvas for beginners https://www.udemy.com/learn-html5-canvas-for-beginners/?couponCode=FIRST-25

JAVASCRIPT PROJECT : JavaScript HTML Game from Scratch Blackjack

JAVASCRIPT PROJECT : JavaScript High Low Card Game Project From Scratch (2.5+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/javascript-card-game/?couponCode=FIRST-25

WEB DEVELOPMENT FULL : The Ultimate Web Developer How To Guide (283 Lectures 19+hrs of content!) https://www.udemy.com/learn-web-development-complete-step-by-step-guide-to-success/?couponCode=FIRST-25

JAVASCRIPT PROJECT : JavaScript Dynamic Quiz Application from Scratch JSON AJAX

WORDPRESS : WordPress for Entrepreneurs Management of your own website

WEBSITE PROJECT : Web Development Make a Single Page Website Carousel controls

WEBSITE PROJECT : Website Development Build single Page Website Parallax site

WEBSITE PROJECT : How to make a website HTML CSS for Beginners Course

JAVASCRIPT PROJECT : JavaScript HTML Game from Scratch Blackjack (4+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/javascript-game/?couponCode=FIRST-25

JAVASCRIPT : JavaScript Basics made easy for beginners

CSS : Learn CSS Web Design & Development Beginner CSS introduction (6+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/learn-css/?couponCode=FIRST-25

BOOTSTRAP 4 : Bootstrap 4 for Beginners Bonus Build 4 Complete Websites (10.5+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/bootstrap4-course/?couponCode=FIRST-25

GOOGLE SCRIPT PROJECT : Google Script How to Update Google Sheet data from a web App https://www.udemy.com/google-script-course/?couponCode=FIRST-25

HTML : Learn HTML Masterclass (4+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/html-learn/?couponCode=FIRST-25

JQUERY : Learn jQuery by Example Course https://www.udemy.com/complete-jquery-course/?couponCode=FIRST-25

PHP : Quick Learning PHP for Beginners (5+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/learn-php-for-beginners/?couponCode=FIRST-25

AJAX : Learn jQuery AJAX in 1 hour https://www.udemy.com/jquery-ajax-course/?couponCode=FIRST-25

JSON : Learn JSON with JavaScript Objects and APIs in 1 hour https://www.udemy.com/json-course/?couponCode=FIRST-25

WEB DEVELOPER : Beginners Introduction to Web Development https://www.udemy.com/explore-web-development/?couponCode=FIRST-25

WEB DESIGN : Building Websites Web Design HTML and CSS https://www.udemy.com/building-websites-web-design-html-and-css/?couponCode=FIRST-25

AJAX : AJAX connection to MySQL PHP API https://www.udemy.com/ajax-api/?couponCode=FIRST-25

SEO : SEO for Webmasters Thinking SEO https://www.udemy.com/seo-for-webmasters-thinking-seo/?couponCode=FIRST-25


GOOGLE SCRIPT PROJECT : Google Script Create Google Docs on the fly from templates https://www.udemy.com/apps-script/?couponCode=FIRST-25

GOOGLE SCRIPT PROJECT : Google Apps Google Script - Content System Web App Project (4+ hrs of Content) https://www.udemy.com/google-script/?couponCode=FIRST-25

GOOGLE SCRIPT PROJECT : Google Apps Google Script - Content System Web App Project https://www.udemy.com/google-script/?couponCode=FIRST-25

JAVASCRIPT PROJECT : JavaScript Memory Game coding project https://www.udemy.com/javascript-memory-game/?couponCode=FIRST-25

JAVASCRIPT PROJECT : Shopping Cart Website from Scratch Ecommerce https://www.udemy.com/shopping-cart/?couponCode=FIRST-25

APP PROJECT : Star Rating Project AJAX with JSON response from PHP MySQL https://www.udemy.com/star-rating-project-ajax-with-json-response-from-php-mysql/?couponCode=FIRST-25

DevForum Group Buy Decembrie 2017: Laracast, Es6 & React for Beginners
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Tot felul de cursuri pt toata lumea si toate gusturile.
Avem de toate !

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