We’re Building an Open Source Self-Driving Car


(Ionuț Staicu) #1

Udacity s-au apucat să construiască o mașină cu autopilot și… o fac open source. Prin urmare, pun la dispoziția doritorilor peste 200GB de date adunate în decurs de o oră de condus, numai buna de analizat:

The complete 223GB package contains data and both sunny and overcast footage from over 70 minutes of driving spread over two days in Mountain View. The variety of footage will bolster the quality of submissions and give participants more realistic data to work off of that better represents the challenges of real world driving and changing road conditions.

(Adavidoaiei Dumitru-Cornel) #2

Au si un curs de self driving cars cei de la Udacity, am postat prin vara stirea pe DevForum, de asemenea si NVidia construieste open source self driving cars.