Why Kakoune — The quest for a better code editor


(Ionuț Staicu) #1

vi basic grammar is verb followed by object; it’s nice because it matches well with the order we use in English, “delete word”. On the other hand, it does not match well with the nature of what we express: There is only a handfull of verbs in text editing (delete, yank, paste, insert…​), and they don’t compose, contrarily to objects which can be arbitrarily complex, and difficult to express. That means that errors are not handled well. If you express your object wrongly with a delete verb, the wrong text will get deleted, you will need to undo, and try again.

Interesant, cineva se bate cu Vim în mod direct :slight_smile:


Discuția HN.

(Georgiana Gligor) #2

am citit articolul; saptamana viitoare ma joc!

(Ex. Dakull) #3

am citit articolul; saptamana viitoare mai invat some more obscure vim!