How much could be the cost of a Freelancer from Romania ?


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Are you kidding me?

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So you’re saying it’s really common in France for someone to ask for X euros and get 2.5 times less?
I’ve never heard of that before.
I can say it’s definitely not a common thing here.
I’m planning to visit a friend in Paris in October, there are are few flea markets there I am planning to go, thanks for the tip.

Not sure, maybe it’s because the Romanian guy is living in France?
I mean any Romanian can visit and stay in France without any VISA, he can even work there, because Romania joined EU in 2007. Please read about it here:

@davask, Don’t get discouraged, I’m sure you will find the right person in the end! There are many developers in Romania.

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@davask Another thing: not sure if you know this but there are many Romanians who speak French quite well. Romania is a beautiful country, I am sure you heard of Dracula?


I think your fixed rates strategy is wrong. I don’t think you will find partners all year long with fixed rates. I think you should approximate your rates based on offer, demand and project.

Seems like you demand high quality but you are trying to pay as little as possible, or an average rate.
Also seems like you think you would be in a position of power.

Freelancers are freelancers for a reason. I think it would be harder to find and mantain a good long relationship with programmers than to find projects.

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That what I saw in coding area, people gain lead by underselling their skills as french companies do not want to spend money on marketplace.

For flea market you definitely should bargain.

thx to worry but I m fine on that part. I m a bit stubborn :wink:

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Yes I do for all of that, and I m actually try to plan to come at some point for business/pleasure and I m pretty in vampyr stuff, but it seems that the dracula museum is a bit cheap in term of decorum

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Do not assume anything from me, you might want to read again the entire discussion.
And again : Fair2Win, I don’t work with people who do not need me.

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LOL, yes, it’s cheap, vampyr suck, but it’s beatiful in same time.

You can also visit the Black Sea, Mamaia beach is very nice, and there are lots of other nice bitches there.
Let us know what you think after you visit! Have a great trip.

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I also agree with you, I also don’t work with people who don’t need me!

What does “Fair2Win” mean by the way? I could not find anything on internet. Sounds very cool, it’s like an acronym or what is it?

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In my opinion, to answer this thread, it’s a free world and big enough for everybody.
Maybe davask can find what he’s looking for, let’s not discourage him.
Since he is not a Romanian, he doesn’t seem to know much about Romania software employment market and he’s trying to understand how the market works and the salaries are.
It’s like trying to go to another country, for example a poor country in Africa. We would also have to go to the forums and try ask, nothing wrong with that. We would probably want to offer somewhere to like 3$ per hour for a solid but junior PHP engineer (solid React frontend skills would be a plus). We can’t know if it works unless we try it. For example, Chinese workers which work on Apple factories earn 2$\hr (see official reports).

My opinion, so please don’t get offended.


I’m not. Read the title, “average IT rate in Romania”, and a few posts ago you said you want to provide a “standard quality”. This “quality” would be average, or your partner would be underpaid.

By imposing a quality while you have a fixed rate means exactly what I said.

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I ll let you know when it happens but I have a pretty good feeling about your countryside.

“Vampyr suck” < LOL

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No offense, all opinions are welcome as long as their based on good spirit and willing to uplift the discussion.
I don t know your country, that s right, I will know it better if you share it with me (+ visiting + learning language + married a romanian girl + living their for many years but this would mean I become romanian too :slight_smile: ).
We are in a free market, true. However sometimes free market do not have a sense of decency.
Some of you seems to look at me like someone who is trying to pull down the rate. Prove me I m wrong with official data, I will be glad to increase my partners rate based on that meanwhile those who thinks I m a cost killer are mislead on who I am and what I m trying to achieve.
Doesn t matter, as I said, either I have a good approach and I will succeed or I m a cost killer and nobody will embrace my approach and I will fail.
Meanwhile, business as usual !

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Fair2Win could be define as part of my company’s ADN and you can see a very early definition here

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The quality will be what my company define as quality standards to my customer so not average and my partner would not be underpaid as long as my rate are correct regarding the reality of rates in Romania and second because someone who works with me is still a freelancer who decide if he want to work with me or not and I hope all my partner like the one I work with would be frank enough to tell me if they feel that the rate is unfair so we can adjust but this adjustment will be based on the informations I can gather about romanian IT market and more importantly, if the freelancer do not accept this rate, in anyway he is forced to accept, he is and never will be my employee, he is and always be a partner and as a partner as long as we discuss and share our thoughts then we can walk side by side in a common aggreement and that is as well part of the Fair2Win program @kilogrammer.

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What if the Romanian developer wants to live abroad? Just because he’s born in Romania doesn’t mean he necessarily lives in Romania.

I was under impression you are all for freelance/nomad kind of style:

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Correct me if I’m wrong … but a guy who is established in Romania, who works as a freelancer for external markets, tunes his rates based on the averages from the other markets, except Romania. People are freelancers from various reasons, but I think one of the biggest reason is that at the end of the month their income is much more substantial than working as an employee in Romania.
So why bother to make a comparison between two different things… ?
You will never find quality if you want to pay less a guy who can earn more and knows that he can earn more.

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@davask Did you try upWork? There’s a huge pool of developers there which should meet your requirements.
I encourage you to take a look at upWork and
Or is a Romanian a requirement for the project you’re doing?

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You are talking of power.
IF I gain power it will be because you guys embrace my believes AND because I work for you to get a better life as freelancers. My so called power i not in my hand it is from all my partner clients & vendors.

We are a whole, we are not separate entities, that s at list what I want to believe in.

I disagree with a lots of things in traditional companies structure where money is the main thing and the rest doesn t count, I believe differently. Money is a very abstract concept that everybody is purchasing for different reason but when you die all your money is useless and will not define if you had a good life.
Happiness is more valuable to me than money but money is still the thing that need to be masterized to gain power in this world. Money is still the key for everything.

In any case, as I disagree with that fact I try to build a business (money oriented) which provide another approach more useful to people and my approach is to build a business that allow anybody who want to participate willingly with good intention to participate with less barriers as today.

Now I m a bit off topic

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This comment was inappropriate, sorry guys.
But I still assume we throw a party to know more each others.