How to get to the job you want?

You’re serious, experienced, you have some of the most wanted skills in the market, so hopefully you have a job that you thrive in.
But maybe you don’t, and you don’t like your job.

You feel you’re just a pawn, not considered, and your feedback isn’t heard properly.
You feel you are stagnating in a redundant and boring project, with your superiors or your clients making unachievable demands. :scream:
You often see ads with salaries much higher than yours. :astonished:
You’ve thought about changing jobs when you see these tempting offers, but they seem so out of reach. :fearful:
Indeed, you’ll have to talk to recruiters who don’t listen and who don’t understand tech. You’ll have to go through a series of nonsense and useless interviews. :sob:

First good news the job you want exists. :smiley:
Second good news I know how you can find it, how you can get it, and I came from France because of that. :wink:
In France there is a lack of tech talents, therefore there are plenty of great tech-related jobs available.
Salaries 2 or 3 times higher than here, in dynamic companies, that have developed a great atmosphere, that take care of their employees and that train and promote internally as possible. :heart_eyes:

Can you smell the freshly ground coffee?
Can you hear the music from your favorite bar, drinking a beer with your colleagues, discussing your latest open source discoveries or the latest Rick and Morty episodes?

Some positions are open in full remote but for others you will have to come to France. It’s only 3 hours away, so if you want you can spend every Christmas with your family.

Sounds awesome but working at a French company is not so easy? :expressionless:
Indeed, and that’s where I come in. I’m your passport to the job you want. :grin:

I’m Micael, I started my career in the automotive industry, in corporate and key account sales. :man_office_worker:
Then I started a company with 3 friends, we produced a top quality yoghurt, at first in a basement. And today we are 16 and we have our own factory. :heavy_check_mark:
I left the executive part, because the business now is doing well, and I had always been interested in tech.
So I worked at a French tech company, I was selling a digital marketing SaaS to key accounts. :computer:
Then I worked at a French data company, where I implemented and managed data projects in 10 European countries, for PSA group. :bar_chart:

I am not a tech expert however above all, I know how to sell to French companies.
I have changed jobs enough to know the tricks of recruitment, how to find the best ads, what they expect and how to respond properly. :dart:

So, once we have discussed together about what you want and what you can do, I will help you find the right ads among the multitude. Then together, we’ll work on your resume, your cover letter and the interview process. You’ll become irresistible. :gem:
Once you’ve been accepted for the job you want, I will help with the admin part. Then you can either go to France and I’ll help you find an apartment (you’ll save time and money) or it’s full remote and you can stay here.

So could you try your luck?
:man_technologist: Here are the profiles I’m looking for, for almost every tech related jobs:

  • Master’s degree.
  • Min 4y exp as an engineer, within 2 in the same languages or environment.
    Whatever language, I will find ads which will match.
  • Solid understanding of engineering best practices, methodologies and frameworks (Scrum & Agile, etc.).
  • English: good written and verbal communication skills.
  • French: appreciated but unnecessary.
  • Excellent team player: shares information actively; response properly, reports on time; accepts criticism and other opinions, addresses criticism constructively.
  • Self-motivated, keen to take initiative, capable of executing tasks autonomously, of planning and communicating planning and progress, of getting help where needed.
  • Pragmatism over pure theory.
  • Attention to details and some creativity on how processes could be improved.
  • Quick learner and adapter of new frameworks and technologies, open for changes and continuous learning.

If you match this description, I can find you awesome job opportunities. If you don’t but you match at least some points mentioned, we could discuss and see if we could try.

All this must be expensive?
I’ve just started, so for the first 20 talents that I will select and present to the French companies, it’s free.
Indeed, the French companies will pay me for bringing them brilliant talents.

So brilliant talent, what are you going to do?
Blue pill or red pill? :pill:
Will you wake up tomorrow like it was yesterday, same job, same life, same routine?
:sparkles: Or you contact me at [email protected], and we see together how to change your life? :man_cartwheeling: :tada:

If you think I will do everything, it will be instantaneous, all easy, please don’t contact me.
We do that together, and of course, finding a dream job is not easy and can take some time.
If you need more time, I understand, think about it and in the future if you wish to have more information you have my contact.

Whatever you choose, I wish you a great life and to be as happy as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:



PS: I tried to do it right and put this offer in the right section. If not, just tell me and I will do what is necessary to comply.


Not relevant, according to some currently ongoing discussion here on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

But nice presentation, I wish you good luck.


Haha true, unfortunately many French companies are still traditional on this subject.
That’s the price to pay for having a good working atmosphere and the salary that goes with it.

Thanks for the compliment and the luck, I really appreciate it.

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Well, i had several IT missions in France and never been asked about Masters degree.
Right now i am starting a new job in France and the employer did not ask about any Masters either.

Just my situation.

First of all, I hope you will enjoy your new job in France.
Second, while it is not always required, in many cases it is and it is much easier to get accepted for the best jobs.
It is a competitive market, the better your profile, the better your chances.

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I work for french firm, and is not bad, yeah, everyone knows the French arrogance, and yes is there, actually more from fellow french programmers, than managers, which are pretty good, I would take a french manager any-day then an overbearing romanian one, I would even take a french programmer than romainan one, after you get through the arrogance, I saw they genuinely help you, romaniam ones fell threaten.

Edit, regarding masters, yeah, but I think is a cultural thing, in France master have more weight, while in Ro, you just check a box, without actually learning much, because most curriculums are behind times, for example, a master in distributed computing won’t teach about kubernetes, new consensus algoritms, grid computing, etc, but about some 90’s networks setup.


The French are indeed pretty arrogant.

Hey Moon,

I’m glad you had good experiences with French people.
Indeed we can sometimes be arrogant. Great you were able to go beyond and appreciate another facet of French people.
I totally share your analysis concerning the Master in France.

Hi RedGuard,

Yes we are sometimes :sweat_smile: .
I think you can find great or less great people in every country / community or whatever.
I hope you will meet some French who will bring you another vision.

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One point to note is that french companies don’t really like remote work, so kudos to you Micael if you can get them to accept such contracts.
And the sallaries there are not really that big compared with Romania if you take the COL into account. (so if you’re not working remotly)
Other than that, yes, working conditions are very good and France it’s pretty cool.

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Hi Adrian,

Partial remote work is more allowed, even a norm “thanks” to the pandemic.
However yes full remote is way harder to find so yes important to be aware of that.

And yes salaries and COS are proportional.
In my opinion, the important point is what you are able to save.
In Romania you earn X and spend Y, therefore you save X-Y
In France you will earn 2X and spend 2Y, you will save 2(X-Y), so double what you saved before.
I took 2 as coef for the example, of course it depends.
I would say, overall the right coef is between 2 and 3.

Are you sure about this? I am under the impression that the earnings are nowhere near 2x in other EU countries (in IT, ofc), but the cost of living is higher than 2x. Don’t get me wrong, there are other benefits of living/working in France, but I really don’t think the financial aspect is one of them (or a big one).

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On comparing costs of things that are dirrectly affect developers[1]: does France (or any country of the western part of UE) has:

  • Unlimited internet at 1000Mbps for about 9€/mo (digi)
  • „Unlimited”[2]… well, everything on mobile (internet, sms, voice, you name it) for about 4-6€/mo (Vodafone, Orange)

Dunno about others, but I really don’t care about 10€/l of gas or whatever, but give me slow/expensive internet and we have a problem :smiley:

  1. (apart of cost of living: rent, food and so on) ↩︎

  2. Within very reasonable limits. ↩︎

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When it comes to mobile Internet France is lacking behind. I was on Orange roaming as well as on Free and the mobile Internet wasn’t working at all, outside, in the parking of a shopping mall. I couldn’t even call my wife who was inside the mall. Inside the house I had to glue my phone to the window, but only on a particular spot where I was getting like 3 bars.

I had one time to work while travelling on a train going to Spain and I only got some mobile Internet while in the train stations. Once I crossed the border to Spain, 4G+. Not 100 mbps, but workable.

It was actually funny. Free was working better while roaming in Spain than locally in France. Now one would say: Dude, why didn’t you get a subscription from the big players in France? Well, I already was connected to Orange’s network via my Orange SIM and it wasn’t working as well.

Besides, everything in France is unreasonable more expensive. Sure, gadgets and food are comparable, but trying to get your sink fixed is going to cost you at least 3 times more. The French really believe changing a faucet is worth 300 euros or that a car mechanic’s hour is worth 70 euros (without VAT) - which is way more than what a developer is paid, just something I found amusing.

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Well i lived 7 years in france and i never had issues with the mobile internet. I had multiple operators, but never orange as it was the most expensive.

I don’t get it. And I wasn’t staying in a single place. I visited both the north side of France and the south. Bad mobile Internet wherever I went.

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I understand your position.

It depends on the job of course, but for exemple:

Even after considering taxes (quite important in France) and advantages (french health care, french work laws, etc.) you are around 2x easily.

More researched is the profile, bigger will be the difference.
Because french companies will agree to pay more for highly “attractive” profiles.

It is the reason I am looking for profiles with experience, Master, etc.

10.000 RON per month? In Bucharest? For a senior developer? What’s this, 2008? That data is completely outdated.

Regarding the Internet speed issue, I subscribed to Digi and yes I also appreciate low cost fast Internet connection :laughing: .
Of course it is more expensive in France.

There are already many IT workers in France and they are able to live and to work with the french Internet speed:

So if it is a blocking point for you I understand.

But I think that working in France is not Disneyland, not only good points of course, like working in Romania.

So I don’t want to convince anyone to work at a French company in France.

I want to help those who want it and who may not be comfortable with the recruitment process, profile marketing, finding ads, etc.

:laughing: Thanks for your feedback, I just Googled it quickly, I should have taken more time.

I would be glad to have a more suitable information about it, if you have.